Crash Landing

"The plan for the days ahead seemed full of delights and promise, but something went tragically wrong. Unknown to us because our strong desire for self-satisfaction, the decision was to be one that would lead to poverty and destitution. We did not see that the decision was in direct opposition to the loving instructions of the Father. From our vantage point ... those instructions were meant for another time and another place ... definitely not applicable for today. So off we went on our fantasy filled flight ... no one warned us of the dangers of too high, too fast, too hot, too long, too much... and soon our magnificent vessel for the journey was reduced to a flaming ember heading for a crash landing right in the middle of the garbage dump of failed expectations... right in the middle of the Kingdom.

When we had finally been dragged from the catastrophe by a few reluctant rescuers - all condemning eyes were upon us, all hearts were hardened against us, and the door of love's opportunity was slammed in our face. We found ourselves on the other end of holiness ... we were now abhorred as unclean, set apart for shameful reproach, and holiness was a flaming sword being swung mercilessly in our direction. " Exerts from The Scarlet Sinner.

There is an amazing thing that God has provided for the entire world of "whosoever believeth" ... rescue from eternal damnation and a secure Home forever in among His Beloved. For each passenger of this flight of faith there seems to be the same promise but with it there is a paradox of "we are not there yet" and "I will fall, but He is with me." Sorry no perfectly smooth landing into the Kingdom, and every landing on this promise of faith will have repercussions. Have you ever pondered this thought? Could we state it this way ... that all of the landings in the Kingdom are crash landings?

The place where the temporal and eternal collide will be a catastrophic event. The repercussions in the world shaped by this event are weighed by the amount of shrapnel that explodes and flies upon the impact, and the "fame" or influence of the occupants involved. We have heard wishes for salvation for famous individuals throughout the years, "Oh, if only he or she were to get saved... can you imagine the amount of lives that would be affected for the glory of God." (Our prayers for all should be with fervent desire for their rescue from the penalty of sin, Hell Fire; other than that end to prayer ... we have no concept of the effect of anyone's crash landing).

There is a big flaw in this thinking that "fame saved" is the hope ... It is earthy and doesn't even consider the power of this Kingdom Upside down. God's Kingdom is where prideful personal fame is a spiritual handicap and a potential hindrance to kingdom influence; and the realized needs and humble gifts of servants are the keys to powerful spiritual leadership. Every man no matter the status, in God's eyes stands naked, wretched and lost until the crash landing takes place. Every man should be the target for the actions of real holiness not just a few.

"I am sorry for my sin. I am truly sorry for the pain it may have caused others." We have heard and even said these words at some point throughout our short journey on this planet, usually right after our crash landings. Fact though, we are rarely aware of the handicap and ineptness that the "crash" has infused into our lives. We know forgiveness "from above" because we always live in it (though we may not acknowledge it), but our ongoing conflict is how to allow the adequacy of the Grace of God to become the abundant help for our inadequate and powerless existence among the throngs of crashing humanity. How do we emulate true holiness? (now there is a word that can incite emotions)

Here is the challenge from scripture that you have heard leveled at us all from pulpits of frustration, rather than from the nursery of tender care: "But as He which called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; because it is written, be ye holy; for I am holy." I Peter 1:15,16 ... AND the dire shame is that holiness has become a club that people join to beat others across the head. ("I have a notion to join a club and beat you over the head with it!" Groucho Marx)

Here is a devotional dive into this scripture to give you a better view of HOLINESS.
"He who has called you - to name you; and has called you - by that Name... to be the bearer of that Name, is most sacred and set apart in His fostering and cherishing of His pure, warm, and tender care of you. Turn the world upside down by placing yourself as He would ... in the midst, in between, amidst ... and being sacred in your offering of tender care in all that you do... turning yourself back even to those who have no care for you.... HOLINESS."

True power comes from Holy Kingdom Leadership when believers enter the fragile garden of abandonment that was faced by Jesus and worship from brokenness. Take a moment and Read Psalm 89: 1 -37 , stop reading and praise God for His amazing secure provisions provided to His children via the One Beloved. NOW begin prayerfully reading Psalm 89: 38 - 51 ... feel the brokenness, the disconnect, the rejection, the abandonment, the disappointment, the cry, the plea, the hopelessness, ... there is no verbal "I love you!", no expressed "thank you!" , there is no "you are beautiful!", no "you are important!" ... there is only 14 verses of Questioning if God even cares if we live or die. Now comes the strangest verse to finish up this heartache: "Blessed be the LORD for ever-more. Amen and Amen." Psalm 89:52

He is in the crash site ... to offer tender care ... what about you?



The Dark War

The unimaginable happened, his guard was down and he was overtaken by a fault and captured by the enemy. The Scarlet Sinner's heart rate began to race and sweet began to bead up on his brow... as the questions began to probe deeper and deeper and deeper in to the darkness of the warrior's subconscious ... he could only reveal the truth."

"With these tells, the enemy knew that he was close to cracking into the deepest secrets and that he would soon expose the treason and the hypocrisy of this fragile fake ... "It can't be!", screamed the enemy, "The deeper we probe the more we expose ... loyalty, truth, compassion and love." "It is like we are uncovering someone else's heart and mind!"

"Keep my commandments, and live; and my law as the apple (ee-shone) of thine eye." Proverbs 7:2

"In the twilight, in the evening, in the black (ee-shone) and dark night: And, behold, there met him a woman with the attire on an harlot, and still of heart." Proverbs 7:9,10

"Keeping and Hiding the Word in our hearts" is the simple but eternally effective guard for our lives. It allows us to keep and to be kept fully alive as we position our hearts and mind to royally welcome the Watchman of the Word deep into our darkness and deep secrets. Hiding the Word so deep that there is no uncovering of any ulterior motive or underlying purpose other than God's Word kept in hiding.

Verse 2 of Proverbs 7 opens to me an imperative direction for us to focus or meditate: We are to guard with continued observance ...the clear commands of God, and hide so as to conceal them from discovery... treat the laws of the Word as precious - the "Apple of my Eye" -

We have all possibly heard this term used as an expression of endearment and just thought of it as a way to express the precious nature of one that is loved as "The apple of mine eye" ... and we smiled a love smile and went on. This term has so much more to do with a foundational focus for life than we may perceive.

The apple, "ee-shone" in the Hebrew is described as the "dark center" of the eye or the pupil, the deepest part to gaze into, darkest or blackest part of midnight ... O we should want the LORD to so saturate our lives that the deepest darkest place is still adorned with the Word.

Please Lord, I know I will never be impervious to the temptations around me, and I will be over taken in a fault... but let that temptation be met with a deep, dark satisfaction with your Word that makes no room for sin.

Notes from the interrogator:"Though we peered long through the deepest and darkest window into his soul, wewere astonished to find only the images of an ancient torture site, and our suspect bowed over on his knees and weeping uncontrollably before whoever had died there. At this juncture of the interrogation, we deem it unnecessary to pursue guilt any longer. For the deeper we probe the closer he draws to whatever power that has drawn him to that place of suffering."

In my darkest moments, He will find me ... for I am the apple of His eye.



Kingdom Power Disconnect

Every generation's "modern culture" has always taught ...that the right ingredients bring success... Not necessarily true. The measure of cultural success is too temporal and fleeting, for it is founded on the slanted valuation of the momentary results. Simply put ... There is no magic "one size fits all" recipe that guaranties success; But in every endeavor faithful to God, no matter what the promotion or disappointment ... because every promotion and every disappointment has a divine purpose and an eternally vested potential that allows you to walk closer to Him.

The seeds of true success are found in the "note worthy" responses of the Participants of Life ... to opportunities, victories, adversities and defeats via an upward focused "Fresh Song" and "Replenished Exultation" that come forth from the heart focused on the LORD.

"Praise ye the LORD. Sing unto the LORD a new song, and His praise in the congregation of the saints." Psalm 149:1

There is a sweet songstress of the "soul set free" that daily (when the heart is set on things Above) finds a new song that will carry the weary pilgrim through one more day of the journey. Fresh oil, pure water, heavenly bread, and a fresh song is there daily for those who seek replenishment. Much like the Manna of old ... It needs to be gathered everyday ... for yesterday's supply is now old and spoiled. This is why it is so important to rely on the great faithfulness of God, whose "mercies are NEW every morning".

Don't miss this next passage of Scripture ... Don't shove it to the side of our minds as "already heard" or "we already know that" ...Because I bet we can find a gem for the beholding if we let His Spirit speak to us: "Let Israel rejoice in Him that made him, let the children of Zion be joyful in their King." Now, with the top layers of the normally seen scripture scraped aside here is what we have (prayerfully read this to understand): "Let those that are in the places where "God Prevails", intensely and purposely rejoice in their Maker; let the offspring of the "parched place where there is no water" be glad in their King". Psalm 149:2.

When in the places where you are excited because you sense the blessing of "success", don't allow a false pride in your accomplishment to take control, focus your rejoicing on the Designer of the Moment, not the temporal rewards of the "blip" on eternity's timeline.

Do you have success and abundance? Rejoice in Him!

When in that pit of despair where there "is no water" "where there is no standing", where there is only the bitter dregs of earthly pain and sorrow ... Be Glad in the Captain of your promised deliverance ... Don't blame and curse Him for the adversity ... Praise Him, be joyful in your King!

Are you facing disadvantages and despair? Be full of His joy!

Take some time to meditate on Psalm 149 and 150 ... You will find that our greatest weapons in the warfare of the soul is the Praise on our lips and the "Two edged sword" in our hand. Both should be always in readiness for personal praise and testimony: always unsheathed for personal surgery, always praying for mercy's preemptive assaults, and ever creating a visual that puts fear in trembling into the hearts of the enemy ... while providing both deliverance and judgment of His people.

Victory does not come by accident. It is the result of the causative and reflexive cooperation between Almighty God and the receptive fragile human. When in intimate harmony the "New Song" thwarts the enemy's damnable devices.

- She was not afraid nor angry with her life threatening affliction, she saw it as a friend that would take her to her Eternal Home with her lover, Jesus. Her end of life praise rattled loose the chains of the prisoners that served her and presented them "free" before their God. O how she loved Jesus!

- He carried the emotional scars of a chemical imbalance and the mistrust of his family, and friends, but in the end when his affliction would once again threaten carry him away from those he loved, his prayer and praise shocked the enemy as he bowed his head in the joy of having no physical way to ever leave again. O how he loved Jesus.

- Such embittered and tortured souls, so many friends had prayed for them throughout the years and now Cancer captured and began destroying their bodies. As believers began to pray for bodily healing, another miracle took place, such a Heavenly sweetness that was not seen in them before beset them and engulfed them. Many were disappointed when they were not delivered from physical death ... But those who discerned the real miracle knew that the enemy had no final claim on their souls and that they were ushered into glory "brand new"... O how they love Jesus.

Standing in the glory of victory - Rejoice in Him!
Bowing under embarrassing defeat and intimate shame - Be joyful in Him!

Praising God for "all things" runs contrary to the human condition, it confounds the enemy, and carries the power for immense deliverance. Praise the LORD!

"Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two edged sword in their hand; to execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishments upon the people; to bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron; to execute upon them the judgment written: this honor have all his saints. Praise ye the LORD. " Psalm 149: 6-9

As strange as it may sound ... This is where the real power is employed and experienced in the Kingdom to render the enemy helpless as the captives are set free.
Praise the LORD!



PS: Whining and Complaining (which is the sad song of the day) renders God's people helpless before the already conquered enemy. Is it any wonder why our age is not seeing the miracles of God?

Dark Horn Rim Glasses

Note from the typical day: Although there is a plan in the heart of God's kids to bless, the adornment and actions of the world is set to discourage the act of blessing as quickly as possible. The last thing that the adversary (the god of this world) wants is mutual admiration and encouragement flowing in all directions from the Kingdom. The roaring lion is seeking whom he may devour ... Startle Royalty with discouragement and you have them most of the way to the boneyard. Be very aware of this concept!

While he had his dark horn rim glasses on and he strutted his earth suit, no one suspected the ultimate power that lay within. The hardest thing for him was the constraint of revealing his power during those disguised moments. When dealing with the flaws and frustrations of the teeming masses around him, he ached within himself over the needs he could not meet during the undercover moments. The fragile veil between his two identities seemed to be the source of greatest personal conflict. "To be or Not to be!" Not a problem unless you are the one they call out for help, and you are limited because you are a comic book hero.

"Let us therefore come without ambiguity and with fearless confidence ... before we are disadvantaged by sin ...Let us come boldly to the throne of grace, that may lay hold of mercy and discover for ourselves ... The God Cry for help... "Grace" the God helper, in an opportune time of need." Hebrews 4:16

"If only you had been here!" What a sad exclamation of the view perception that was tangled between the identities. The fame of the man with the earth suit disguise spread far and wide. Meeting him face to face with his human veil drawn caused doubt and disbelief. With his "God-side" veiled, the thought of him as a cosmic hero was so far removed from thought that it didn't even cross the minds of those he rubbed elbows with day after day.

The greatest seat of doubt was found in those that thought of him as a close friend or family."Isn't this Joe and Mary's kid?" The step Dad and Mother were always a great cover when there was a slip in his dual identity. At the same time this was a horrendous stumbling block when help was truly needed from above. His family could not see that eternity was standing right in front of their eyes.

So far ... we are removed... by history from the Biblical events that we could fall right into doubts dead end. Let's remove the horn rim glasses. Does praying secure the "sure thing"? Does coming to the Throne of Grace Guaranty the perfect "thing" that we are trying to reach out and take for our advantage?

Prayer gives us an opportunity for the "God Cry"... And Prayer Guaranties a hearing with the Grace Help or Helper, who said "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee" when covetousness would all but overcome us.

Pray "that we may" - that little phrase is a night light type of reminder that the only thing fragile in this eternal relationship is us. It is our nature to feel that we are held captive by time. It is these easily damaged bodies that won't allow us to see past the pain. It is our scarred memory grid that hesitates to pray with fearless confidence because we are looking at outcomes through every wind of fear that has blown our way. It is because of our flaws that His love reaches right through the fog to rescue us regardless of our inability to trust.

Regardless of what may hold you back ... Don't reason, don't justify, don't discuss ... Shut up ... and Let us pray!!

And he heard the cry, took off his black horn rim glasses and fell to his knees with a God Cry for the Grace Helper so that he could be loved by his Creator. What glorious real life beginning to a comic book hero. 



Expiraton Date?

"Behold, bless ye the LORD, all ye servants of the LORD, which stand by night in the house of the LORD. Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and bless the LORD. The LORD that made the heaven and earth bless thee out of Zion." Psalm 134

Envision this ... A massive parched ground of earth rising out of the midst of the wilderness, standing as an obvious reference marker for the wandering pilgrim, or a constant mooring for the wayward seaman; both wanting a place to affix their resolve and bearings to journey onward and ever upward. As we journey closer to this monument as such, we begin to see the life filled forms of "raised hands" devotees blessing and honoring the God of all eternity ... The unique thing that encompasses this scene , though it is night, the light of their praises in this sanctuary cause the God of Earth and Heaven to bless them also. As rays of eternal light, praises radiate back and forth in the conduits of mutual devotion .

Exp. Date 7/4/2017

I had no problem a couple of days ago (while cleaning out a cabinet containing personal health supplies) checking expiration dates on the "over-the-counter" drugs and tossing them in file 13 when I discovered "old" - "out dated" drugs. I have no trouble throwing out expired drugs because of the fear of weird side effects. When I need a medicine to help my healing, I want to make sure it is full and appropriate in its potency. Mere mortal medicine has its limitations and its complications, and we are susceptible to the side effects.

I have watched an age old controversy in the intellectual realm caused by those who somehow feel that scripture or portions of it may have expiration dates and is not relevant because it has expired ... It is touted as "Out dated"; and to compound the issue, the "wiser teachers" love to modernize scripture to make it more palatable which surely accommodates the needs of those who already have trust problems with God. What is it so hard to trust God's delivery of His word?

Truth is always true. If there is a contradiction somewhere ... it is in the heart of the hearer. God's word has no expiration date and is always appropriate in the fullness of its potency. His word is always a two edged sword that pierces the divisions of the soul and spirit, and exposes the alignment of the thoughts intents of the hearts as to their willingness to give the authority of living to God.

Note: In context and applicable the scripture is our mooring to affix our lives especially in the dark seasons. Trust His word above all the opinions of the deconstruction counsellors.

Happy 4th of July, 2017 ... Seek independence from the voices that rebel against full dependence upon Jesus Christ. Search the scriptures daily for eternal life concepts, and be lovingly amazed at how they are directly connected in devotion to Him. Read and grow in the grace and love of our LORD Jesus Christ ... although experience may have cause for contention.

Truth and experience, in every generation may not match immediately and this can cause a conflict in the assembly of believers. When experience is perceived as the evidence of truth, there will be a straying from the truth of the word.

Answer the following questions:
Is God good because something good happens to us to make us feel better?
Is God the enemy because something bad happens to us that makes us feel worse?
Do I hate sin because I see what it has done to me and to others, or do I hate it because God does?
Do I question whether something is right or wrong because of immediate consequences or do I just believe God, take him at His word and obey?

So the scripture mentions it or mandates it ... do we question or Trust what God says?
Do we Obey and Live it out, or do we argue and wrestle with things that could potentially destroy our lives? What do we lose by believing that what God says is the final authority on the way we should live?

OK, now you want to discuss this more because you have a valid reason for portions of scripture that you wish to attach an expiration date to or re-assign it to a particular people group; ok ... No problem if God has said it is so.

Don't sweat the so-called gray areas - there is enough black n' white to fill our lives with a firm faith until we find that God wasn't as silent on the "gray" issues as we thought.

July 4, 2017 - find a true Independence day in the unflinching devotional dependence on God and what He has revealed through His Spirit and His word ... Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.



Thief Faith

The life of faith is like a race that we need to run with perseverance... Laying aside all weights and sins that so easily entangle us. Now faith is the "under force" of things expected because of hope, and the tested proof of accomplishments that are not discerned by eyes. Since we are undergirded by the unlimited power of the merciful kindness of God, run with confidence the race that is set before us. Faith is not the performance of a perfectly run race, but a race of the handicapped who are totally dependent on God for the outcome.

"O praise the LORD, all ye nations; praise Him, all ye people. For His merciful kindness is great toward us; the Truth of the LORD endures forever. Praise ye the LORD." Psalm 117 ---

"And she shall bring forth a Son, And thou shalt call His Name Jesus; for HE shall save His people from their sins." Matt. 1:21.

Jesus never invited any one to become a "Christian". Huh?

Are you having trouble with this statement? Please stop and meditate on this.

Jesus met people where they were and challenged them to follow Him; and He did this by letting them know that their choice to follow would connect them not only to Him, but it would connect their life work, love for each other and humility powerful connectors of people to Him. Notice this prime example: To a bunch of fishermen the challenge went out like this: "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men!" Their former occupation that only connected them to daily personal survival, now would be refocused to affect the lives of others for Eternity.

There is a possibility that we have shifted the focus from the "Savior" to the "Saved" as the means of Salvation -- In the congregations there is subliminal but overwhelming, personally compelling message - "Wear what we wear, eat what and where we eat, talk like we talk, walk like we walk, listen to what we listen to, like what we like, love what we love and love like we love and you shall be accepted and possibly saved" ... "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten people that whosoever believes in them should not perish, but have everlasting life". Joke 3:16

"Christian: those who borrow life from Christ, the anointed":
In the early Ecclesia/Church (called out assembly), the focus was following the preaching, and teaching of "Jesus" and loving each other. Antioch, was where we found the first snap shot of the "Christian" name pinned on the believing followers, -- there, the called out assembly gathered together to watch Barnabas train up Saul (as his conversion led Him to be called Paul because he followed Jesus passionately), they were first called Christians in Antioch.

Note: They did not call themselves Christians.

I truly apologize to those around me who have been compelled to come to Church to see me and others perform as Christians, while our occupations suffer with the absence of the living connection with and to Jesus. I have a sneaking suspicion that the "sacred and the secular" concoction to a separate lifestyle did not come from God haters but from those who may have been embarrassed by believers behavior outside of the gathering.

Though there is no doubt that this "Sacred and Secular" indoctrination was spawned in Hell. It has become a disappointing philosophical excuse for the absence of a validating faith that treats every day as a Holy day, every bush as a burning bush, and every honest occupation as a high calling of God. The assembly time was to be a place to encourage, restore and reset the hearts of followers to live fully alive for Christ ALL THE TIME, EVERYWHERE and sharing JESUS WITH EVERYONE.There is no secular only sinful and sacred is the life given to follow Jesus in the ministry of His Love's redemption of whosoever.

The Church is the Body of Christ - does that Body dress in an overcoat, gloves, ski mask and dark glasses except during the Meeting times?

That type of living is usually done by the thief!

Love don't steal,




Bare with the bending of the following story, It actually could have been delivered by the scrambled brain of a terrified reporting witness:

As Jesus approached the well in Samaria, He told his disciples "I must needs rest here awhile, you all go ahead and get supplies for our journey... but beware of the leaven of the Pharisees." this caused the disciples the normal confusion that they had come to expect when following this enigma of eternity; and they made certain that they did not go to a Bakery run by Pharisees ...

As Jesus sat resting on the ledge of the well in the heat of the day, a woman of questionable character approached the well with a large water vessel ... Apparently to fill with water, quickly, and get it back to her home without being noticed by the other locals. (What an opportunity for restoration!) When she saw Jesus at the well, she was greatly discomfited.

Jesus looked her in the eyes and raised His hand pointing to somewhere beyond and said to her  "Woman, lift up your eyes unto the fields, for they are white and ready to harvest!" The woman immediately began speaking with a scowl on her face, "You, obviously being a Jew, don't expect me ... A Samaritan ... To go to work for you, what in the world?"

Jesus strengthened the resolve in the tone of His voice "I am the Door, by me if any man will enter in he shall be saved!" This caused even more consternation in the heart of the woman as she retorted, "So now you want me to buy the water of this well from you, all though Abraham our father dug this well, and up until now ... We could draw from it and drink at no charge?"

Jesus hung His head but for a moment, and then raised His gaze towards her and spoke with conviction ... "Woman, where are thine accusers?" The woman's expression was totally aghast as she blurted out ... "Now you are getting personal, is it my makeup, or my braided hair, or my perfume, or my luxurious scarlet clothing... that has given you a thorn in your posterior? The reason I get water at this extremely avoided time of day is because I don't want to run into hypocrites like you that are blocking my way to the much needed water!"

Jesus without hesitation replied "It is not meet for me to give the bread that is designated for the children of the Kingdom to dogs!" With her face reddened as the anger was rushing blood to the capillaries of her NOW impudent face, she shouted back, "Hey ... The worship that Abraham set up here in Samaria is good enough for me ... Don't even try to preach some other type of "holier than thou" message to me ... I am getting my water, and I am out of here."

The woman began to draw from the well, ignoring Jesus and not even attempting to be careful with how the water was sloshing here and there ... and on Him. With her vessel full, she hastily turned and bolted away in a huff.  Jesus mumbled one more nugget of wisdom but seemingly just beyond hearing and possibly for His benefit, as she stomped off , " Don't cast your pearls before swine!"

When Jesus' disciples returned with their arms full of shopping bags of provisions, they were taken back by the scene ahead of them --- Jesus was stomping around and shaking dust off of himself in a way that reminded them of a wet dog trying to dry off ... What in the world? When Jesus saw them approaching he stooped down and began doodling in the dust with His finger.

His disciples watched, As His "tic - tack - toe" was getting more and more erratic and almost violent. One by one His disciples quietly walked away, leaving Jesus to His own lack of adapting.

If you are reading this and wondering where in scripture this story is found, do not search ... It is not there. My hope is that you have been shocked or shaking your head with unbelief because this could not be the Jesus we trust. The story would be better suited being told about a pretender or a narrow minded, "stick with the script", guilt ridden Christian.

BUT if you soak and saturate your heart in the words of scripture, over and over ... You will find Jesus, God in the flesh, constantly adapting His mannerisms and words, creatively loving people in all of their differences and all of their messes; and meeting them right where the are and carrying them through and beyond their circumstances.

The Message of Hope was always the same BUT the delivery showed that the Creator was fully aware of His audience, and adapted his fully engaged delivery appropriately to their specific needs in that moment.

Psalm 104:33 - 34 "I will sing unto the LORD as long as I live: I will sing praise to my God while I have my being. My meditation of Him shall be sweet: I will be glad in the LORD. Let the sinners be consumed out of the earth, and let the wicked be no more. Bless thou the LORD, O my soul. Praise ye the LORD."

This passage devotionally (in the last line) could have you think of taking up a sword against sinners and the wicked, but what if we see it as a promise of our battle against the garbage in our own lives as we LET Him consume or sins and wickedness.... Bless the LORD O my soul!!!

Are you a stumbling block or a stepping stone?

ADAPT - Actually "SEE" those people that are in your field of influence,
and break inside for their possible distance from God,
and then LOVE!!!



O Beautiful Home of Holiness

The Holiness Beautified House ... The Beautiful House of Holiness ... Qodesh- Na'ah- Bayith (Qodesh/naw'yah/bah'yith) Holy Beautiful Habitation - Where is this place?

In the norm, the expected, the voice of oceans are a constant roar. The violent push of the waves is a constant intense event ... Waiting for a calm is not an incident that can be accurately timed because of the untamable nature of the fluidity of this force. But High Above there is a majestic and strong girding of One whose Voice dwarfs, calms and parts this raging monstrous entity ... And His Habitation is wonderfully adorned in the purity of an unearthly difference which men try to define as "Holiness" -- to behold this House in its splendor would take our senses to the end of resistance, as we would be caught still gazing into an always unfolding, captivating, welcoming beauty beyond our dreams of glory. Hallowed Be the Name of Jesus!

Can you imagine the masses of humanity with all barriers removed. Can you imagine them as a massive ocean of relentless need, moving, swaying and surging in groaning lusts and desires. As they are discomfited and prompted by the curse that has placed a great gulf between them and eternity, they cry and move with a noise that rises and lowers in a never less than a deafening roar. Strangely enough, the LORD God hears and knows the feelings of each and every infirmity, and His tender plea goes out to all ... but is only efficacious to whosoever will call upon His Name.

The sounds Wars and rumors of wars (in these Last Days) add to this ocean of human anguish, and many are they ... for the sake of protecting their loved ones, that have suited up and armed them selves in an attempt to stave off the threat. Many of these have been connected to the "Beautiful House" because of their simple childlike faith in the Way, The Truth, and the Life ... Who's Name is Jesus.

They may sacrifice what has been called the "ultimate sacrifice" ... And though noble a deed it may be, without the Heavenly connection to Jesus their passing is all part of a Satanic plot to rob Heaven and Earth of precious souls that are endowed with a potential for that eternal connection to the "Beautiful House".

Jesus was the "Ultimate Sacrifice" ... He is the only way to Heaven. There is no other sacrifice on the part of men that can pay for the consequence of man's sin cursed situation. The Cross must be realized and received as the Voice of Salvation that rises up with might above all of the earthy, roaring, and rebellious tides of resistance against the Almighty.

Memorial Weekend 2017 - Take time to focus with full gratitude on The Ultimate Sacrifice of Jesus that makes the sacrifice of loved ones, who have fought for our freedom, have eternal value; and thank Him for the lasting connection in the Hope of Heaven ... together ... In the "Beautiful House of Holiness"... Together with Him forever.

"Thy testimonies are very sure: holiness become the thy house, O LORD, for ever." Psalm 93:5



Memorial Day Addendum: I asked Dad what was the greatest battle he faced while in the U.S. Army in WWII: He said "The only battle I faced in WWII was with my typewriter in the clerks office, and if only they gave medals for paper cuts I would have been highly decorated (Dad's Humor)... Then he bowed his head with a deep sigh, placed his hand on the closed Bible he had been reading and said, "My greatest battle was to humble myself under the Grace of God and let Him be victor over my pride to earn my own way to Heaven." That battle won by Jesus, gave his family hope as we all gathered around Dad in his "final breath battle" on this side of Heaven on Sunday, June 22, 1986. He is still praising Him in The Beautiful House of Holiness.

Grace and Glory - NO HASTE

Grace and glory --- In our haste to accomplish, in our drive to complete goals, in the "proving" of ourselves in the midst of other untold numbers of minions ...that we truly; are above all others, "we are up to the task" ... Do we even begin to look for the Greater Good (let alone the greatest good)?

What if the goal or task assigned has not been analyzed for timing? What if it wasn't weighed for its placement amidst the full purpose of the Big Picture? Was it even scrutinized for the potential loss in pushing to completion with out all the perspectives considered.

Have you ever gotten some where before or after the moment of critical need because the task was more important than knowing when to deliver, or why to pull the plug.

I was so proud of myself; I got home quickly to spend so joyfully anticipated "fun" time with a precious visiting second generation miracle, and yet kept in the back of my mind a critical endeavor..."the task" ... that would fall on that particular evening (or was it that evening). I would get it done with speed, with accuracy, with finesse, and with an exemplary attitude. All would be so proud of me, even I would be able to give myself an Atta boy.

There was that special hug, kiss, walk to the car, gentle seating placement, smiles, waves, blown kisses and a mouthed "I love you!" ... As the car vanished out of sight, the back of the mind raced forward and kicked all the gears into alignment and full cylinders into motion ... Full steam ahead. Even before dinner was ready and the night was destined for the wind down, I had succeeded ... I was the victor. (But even this story timeline is skewed by the blur of an embarrassing turn of events).

The next evening (or was it the next evening?) as I pulled into the palace drive, I was stunned by the irreverence of the second string team's failure to complete their task. Had they done their job it would have triggered bountiful accolades in my direction, and no doubt would have acknowledged the completion of my task as more than.. "well done".

Infuriated by the failure of others and challenged by the Duchess, I lifted the Royal communication device into action and began to proudly announce to the primary responsibility holder ... my success in achieving my goal and the failure of "them" to keep their part of the team effort. Then I heard the most disturbing news delivered from the receiver end of the communication device "Thursday is your pick up day, if you had put it out Wednesday night we would have seen it Thursday morning, but it wasn't there, if it was we would have picked it up"...

A mistake on my part? ... Unheard of! ... Never in the life of ME, but all of a sudden I was overwhelmed with the fateful truth ... I put the receptacle out on Thursday night, and it was now Friday. I was mistaken about what day it was. Holy flies and cloudy skies! The team hadn't failed, I had; all because of a failure to truly acknowledge the critical timing. NOTE: I still do not have the timing of events right -- Too much focus on a task can be devastating to the order of the journey.

Now Grace and Glory... NO HASTE- What are the reality of these and where do they come from? Please do not try to define these without God in the mix, and let's not just spout an answer to get the "quiz question out of the way", so that we can say that we knew that! To do this would cheapen the GIFT.

First - Grace and Glory are permissive, progressive gifts that bring His reputation and power into focus in our lives and through our lives. They are GIFTS FROM HIM.
Second - Grace and Glory will be more and more evidenced as we desire to be "still praising Him" in His Kingdom, and yet while walking this planet... leaving wells of Hope in the Valleys of weeping (for there are many).
Third - Grace and Glory show others that He is our Sun and Shield... and we have no qualms living in the threshold of the Kingdom.

Now let's see what is in the treasure chest of Grace -- Grace is our source for a gracious and elegant walk in this world that will shine that HE LOVES US. Oh what a supply is here, but remember to be a flowing stream and not a stagnant self serving pond. As He pours this care and kindness through us ... This is where favor and influence grows. It will be sensed by all around us that we are "Accepted in the beloved" because we are satisfied with being completed by our God. This Grace abounds!

Step over and peer into the vibrant, transparent, vessel of Glory --- Here you will find the splendor and elegance of Heaven reflected and refracted over and over in such a way that it invites others to taste of the honor filled dignity, and abundant riches of the life that openly longs for Jesus and overtly loves on others for His sake. This glory is evidenced in its simple soothing "song of a soul set free" that that adorns the life that has joyously decided to follow Jesus. This Glory exudes!

Quit focusing so blind sidedly on the tasks ahead as "your" chance at grace and glory. Realize that He gives Grace and Glory without reservation ... so that all good things needed to run this race to the victory are never withheld as we live complete in Him.

"For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly. O Lord of Hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in Thee." Psalm 84:11,12

Don't miss trash day by making it an Olympic Medal Event!

Live Tawmeam (upright - Complete)!
Live Shalowm! (Peace - Whole)

Jesus is our ALL, in Him we are complete and whole!



Live it UP

Stand erect! Look straight forward in all directions: realize that our vision fades because it must turn down at the horizon. Even a 360 degree turn on this focal plane will always have our perception fade and turn down at the horizon. If we decide to move forward in any direction, straight ahead, sooner or later we will end up again where we were. We will only go as far as we have been.

Look Down! Measure the distance from our eyes to the ground. This space is confining but this is where we are told success is to be cultivated. Gravity holds us ascending and even the weight of our mortal frames will begin to slump down as our strength begins to dwindle with coming of the night. Between this closing space and our ever dwindling strength, success will have its limitation, and our posterity will only be willing to carry on our efforts as long as they are rewarding and relevant. We will only rise and fall as far as we already are.

Psalm 81:10,11 - "I am the LORD Thy God, which brought thee out of thee land of Egypt: open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it. But my people would not hearken to My Voice, and Israel would none of me."

Egypt: the meaning of the word, is all about constraint. Think of Israel and God's deliverance "by the hand of Moses" (Israel means - "God Prevails") ...The turning of Israel's vision had to start somewhere ... For although Egypt had been a rescue from famine in the beginning it became a slave camp of tunnel vision in the end. God is willing to fill every part of the life of His people to the fullest, but as scripture states: "But my people would not hearken to My Voice, and Israel would none of Me" (wouldn't listen and they were not willing to consent to the new vision He would provide).

Egypt is a parallel to this life ... Straight before us and down from us are perceived to be all the opportunities (or so we are told) for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness ... but only at the end of days, it seems that we find that life without Jesus is nothing more than a slave camp, and we have obtained nothing that lasts. All we have gained is turned over to others, and we are soon forgotten as those who knew us also pass from the scene.

True life, liberty and happiness is found in the pursuit of God. That pursuit(if as a result of a heart listening to His Voice and a willingness to consent to His direction of vision) will create a reality that no moth, no rust, no thief will ever be able to break in and steal the treasure acquired in that pursuance.

Look up! - "Open your mouth wide, and He will fill it!" Not just a nice saying but not fully true, as you have heard... the sky is the limit? Look up! There is no limit except your earthly vision. Your imagination takes over where your vision fades, but also becomes the another limitation. Sanctify your imagination therefore by permeating it with the truth of His word.

Look up! ... He will continue to unfold the opportunity that He provides for His people. The world, Egypt, is such a constraint - a slave camp. He will deliver you up and out of your "Egypt"; and in His presence you will know fullness of joy ... Forever.

Live it UP!



Ps. No matter what the conflictive voices are saying, God does not have a plan that makes us wrestle with Him to obtain the good things we want or need;contrary ... "For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly."
(Walk Uprightly - walk complete, whole, entire, sound in Him - Will you let Him complete you?)